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Shane Olsen is the founder and Lead Pastor of Decibel Church. While he was raised in Dallas, Texas he has spent much of the last 15 years in South Carolina and the bulk of that here in the Lowcountry.  If you asked him today he would tell you Beaufort is home. He holds a Masters degree in Missional (Church) Leadership from The University of Chester in the United Kingdom and desires to be a lifelong learner.

Shane has been married to his wife Lisa since September of 2000 and they have two incredible kids, Ally and Chase.  They both share a passion and love for life that is contagious and fun to be around.  We could tell you all about them but here is what some other people have to say:

Shane and Lisa are both real and make it known you are human making human mistakes. Too many times, leaders of church are on a pedestal, looking down into their flock in a demeaning and less than worthy manner.  They both walk with us, live with us, play with us, love and hurt with us... They provide light in Christianity when there are so many reasons in this world to be comfortable in the shadows.    - Matt Hanks


Shane and Lisa Olsen from the moment you meet them they touch your life, they don't reach out to one, they touch everyone with their true acts of kindness they treat you as family! I've never felt more welcome to be part of a family as I have at Decibel with this loving family more devoted and inspiring than words could explain.    - Shilo Hill


Shane and Lisa are two of the most selfless people I know. They truly have a heart for others and I see that through their actions, not just their words. Shane has a fire to reach people that is contagious, I love being a part of the decibel team! -   Christi Clark



Lisa is a wonderful example of a woman of God. Just by talking to her, you want to be better. She embodies the core values. Shane is a great example of someone you can trust right away. His honesty is refreshing and encouraging. They are a great example of the perfectly imperfect people I want to look up to.    - Lynn Ledesma



Shane and Lisa are visionary leaders. They have a knack for connecting people and an obvious love for the people God has put in their path and their community    - Russell Schaeffer