A simple grasp of a hand.

Family vacations are always a unique time, from trying to make sure you have everything to making sure you don't forget anyone.  Recently my wife, Lisa and I took our two kids to Blizzard Beach in Orlando. My son took a huge step that day he went down Summit Plummet which is a near vertical slide that is 120’ tall. For a seven year old boy that was a huge step, as him and I walked away to ride the ride the look in his mothers face was one of panic and fear.  I assured her he would survive and away we went.  After the ride we looked all over for Lisa and our daughter and well, they had wandered to a different ride and we couldn't find them. As we were walking all over the park searching for them my son who took this massive step to manhood did something that will be with me forever, he reached up and grabbed my hand. It was in that moment he had my heart, he could have asked for a funnel cake, snow cone and two candy bars and he would have had it in a second. Why because he is my son I am his father and he captured my heart.  As I was reading in the Song of Solomon I read this verse:

 Song of Solomon 4:9 (NLT)

  9 You have captured my heart, my treasure,* my bride. You hold it hostage with one glance of your eyes, with a single jewel of your necklace.

It was reading this I paused and reflected on that day in the water park and began to understand more about God.  So often we want to jump from exciting ride to exciting ride. We want our spiritual lives to be one Summit Plummet after another but it’s in the in between moments where we grasp the Father’s hand and capture His heart.  I wonder how well we do that or do we simply long for the next thrill, service or encounter.  I have come to realize its when I am driving in the car praying, in the shower worshiping, or even those moments I slip in to read a couple scriptures I am reaching for the heavenly Father’s hand. It’s in those moments I feel Him saying like He said in Song of Solomon 4:9 ‘you have captured my heart.’  I would encourage you to live today to capture the Father’s heart and the next Summit Plummet will mean even more. 

-Shane Olsen