Growth Track is designed to introduce you to who we are as a church, our vision and values, and to get you connected. It is a three-week progression that is ongoing throughout the month, and you can jump in whenever! Through the process you will not only learn a lot about Decibel Church, but you will also learn a lot about yourself and the purpose you were designed to fulfill! Childcare is always provided, no sign-up's are necessary, and here is what you can expect each week! 


Growth track 1.0 will help guide you through the essential steps that every believer needs to take to become a fully-devoted follower of christ, including the opportunity to be baptized. Growth track 2.O will give you the basic introduction to the story, beliefs, and structure of decibel church as well as a guide for how you can get connected to the church through our missional communities.


Growth track 3.0 will help you discover how god uniquely created you.  Through understanding your personality and gifts, you will be prepared to serve others the way god designed you.  Our team leaders will be available for you to meet and discuss how you can become a part of the dream team.



How do I know when a specific class is offered?

That is a great question! Growth Track 1.0 and 2.0 will be offered on the first Sunday of each month.  Growth Track 3.0 is always offered on the second Sunday of each month. 

Is childcare available?

Yes, our Decibel Kids team provides childcare and lunch for your children while you are in Growth Track. 

What time and where do the gatherings take place?

All the classes in the Growth Track process are offered immediately following the service in the Media Center at Battery Creek High School.  Look for the people with Growth Track signs and they will escort you to the Media Center.  Lunch will be provided.

Do I need to register?

No, we are prepared for you to attend each week so join us for Growth Track!